Top 10 Popular Hair Products for Asian Men

We use different hair products to help form our desired hairstyle, so we’ve narrowed down a list of the top fibers, pomades, waxes, hair gels, and other substances that help mold our style. What stylists have to consider is that hold strength does not equate to quality, as all types of hold strengths are applicable to each hairstyle and hair type- we also have to consider other factors, such as length of the hold, texture (from shine to matte), and natural ingredients.

We found that certain hair products work best for Asian hair properties and facial features. Each of these products are applied differently and come from a range of price points.

We list the top hair products that Asian men can apply after a fresh haircut:

10. Coconut Oil

The most natural product listed, this styler also provides some health benefits. Coconut oil can enhance hair’s lubrication, making it easier to comb and manage, while increasing shine. Because it has the weakest hold, apply a small amount of high quality coconut oil to your hair for tamer styles like side parts, but go to sleep knowing that there will be no flaky residue at the end of the day. As a natural method, it’s a win-win.

9. Redkin

A widely popular gel brand that is applicable to wide range of hairs types.

8. JASON Flaxseed Hi-Shine Styling Gel

7. Baxter

A very popular pomade brand among the Asian community with mild hold. The matte finish keeps a natural look.

6. Simple Blow dryer

Although this product doesn’t technically count as a “hair styling product”, this tool is invaluable in achieving fierce gravity defying looks such as the quiff and undercut. Look for a professional brand like Parlux to obtain some always-needed volume.

5. Gatsby

Initially hailed as a game changer for Asian men, Gatsby wax is and will always be one of top choices for Asian men as it is the leading brand in Asia. It has dropped in popularity because it is difficult to wash out. It remains a popular substance for maintaining strong holds.

4. Johnny B

An extremely popular brand for Asians, Johnny B is a matte finish gel that provides a strong long lasting hold. Alcohol-free ingredients are a big bonus for those who are health conscious.

3. Imperial Barber Classic Pomade

Imperial Fiber sports a list of properties that are a dream for creative bros. The styler is highly pliable to manipulate all hair types into any style all day because, did we tell you, it lasts all day. The fiber varies in hold strength, and it is a great value because a small amount will go a long way.

2. American Crew pomade

This fiber is a tough and creamy, is extremely firm and can withstand alot of punishment. Can be used as a go-to styling agent when doing rough activities and trying to maintain a certain hair silhouette. This brand is highly popular.

1. Sauvecito

A mild pomade with a moderate hold. A great solution for hair that require little manipulation. This pomade is a popular brand among Asian men because it does not dry, lasts a long time, and provides nice natural slick clean look. An excellent choice for beginner stylists who aren’t going for extreme hold strengths.

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