What is Asian Hair?

Asian hair is different from Caucasian and African Hair and the science behind these distinctions is important because the tools and techniques we use to style Asian hair will also be different. Asian hair has the following distinct traits:

  1. Thick Cuticle
  2. Round cross-section
  3. Straight Strand Shape
  4. More cuticle layers and wider cuticle cells
  5. Cuticle layers break in large fragments
  6. Fastest growing at 0.51 inches or 1.3 centimeters per month
  7. Less prevalence of balding

What does this all mean? Asian hair is straight, coarse, and thick. It has a very resistant sturdy structure. It is also tougher to style due to strong resistant fibers which require more effort and specialized tools to manage. On the bright side Asian hair can also withstand a lot of styling punishment because of those thick cuticle cells.

Finally, because Asian hair grows so fast, frequent stylist visits are needed if you are going to maintain your fresh style. The good news is that you have more frequent opportunities to pull off fresh styles using HisCuts.com galleries!

Tips and Guides on the best products for Asian hair can be found here.

Article Credit: NIH https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16957811

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