Best Cut for the Job explores the best hairstyles for working Asian men in different job sectors.


Lawyers and Accountants

These corporate professionals emphasize attention to detail and diligence. Clients and managers want a guy that is well-put together and appears reliable. For these reasons we recommend…

The Side Part


The look is neat, but fierce looking. It is a classic look that is easy to style and holds for long periods of time (if I don’t shower, my side-parts last for days without product or manipulation). The point to note here is that the style tells the story of a guy who is organized, and attentive (assuming the sides are well trimmed).


Sales and Marketing

To make that big sale, sales bros need a little flare in their look to emphasize that they are leaders in their respective industry. These are men that require a commanding presence. These “Alpha characters” would benefit from some variation of the…

The Quiff

With the quiff, your image could appear leaner, your face can look more masculine, your jawline stronger, your eyes more piercing and commanding. These are all traits that could emphasize your presence in a meeting or sales pitch.


Medical Fields

The health field requires professionals that exhibit knowledge and This field could benefit from both styles listed above. Similar to Accountants and Attorneys,  doctors or pharmacists should be attentive and organized (don’t mess with my prescription!). These health experts would benefit from…

The Side Part and Quiff



Tech and Engineering

Tech and Engineering require styles that put forth an aura of creativity and efficiency. Engineers and programmers are adapt at simplify and creating solutions. For these reasons, we are going to go with three recommendations that are stylish yet minimal on maintenance…

Short and Buzzed

as well as a favorite…

2 Block

The Side Part



Finance Sector

To make those big deals, we recommend a style similar to those in Sales. We recommend…

The Quiff and Side Part

Asian Hair - Copy

Last Word

Use this guide as a starting point if you’re not sure what hairstyle you want to rock for that new job or if you’re looking to rise up in your organization. Remember that certain cuts moreso compliment certain facial shapes and features. And of course these are just recommendations and all of these styles can work in every field!

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